RED Camera Workshop

July 12-15, 2013 I attended the RED Camera Workshop at the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu, Philippines. This was quite the experience. Working with the Red Camera -- a professional movie-quality video camera -- and working with professional movie/film makers. It really opened my eyes to the experience of a real movie-making experience. If you would like to learn more check their website. The RED Camera Workshop is held 3 to 5 times per year. It's a really rewarding experience.

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All Staff Conference 2013 in the Philippines

This year was a new year for LPI in the Philippines. A 90 day trip was cut short at 60 days as Paul had to return home earlier. The staff gathered in Mandaluyong City, part of Metro Manila. Some new people joined us this time. 

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Then down to Cebu/Lapu Lapu for 6 weeks of more activities. We took our first crack at making a movie, just a sampling. 

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Then for two more weeks to Bicol, to Albay Province and the town of Polangui. Up in the mountains to Noel's family's home. Remote and far from things, and enough altitude to be much cooler.

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I Won $2,000 Advertising Campaign from Richmond News

March 26, 2013 - Richmond, BC - Today I attended the Richmond Chamber of Commerce's "Networking After 5" event hosted by the Richmond News. There was a good turn out. Not only were many members of the Chamber in attendance but Richmond News was promoting the newest technology they have implemented into their newspaper. It's called LAYAR.layar-logo-2010-rgb-black

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They were offering a door prize worth approximately $2,000 in advertising (and a editorial feature) to be used along with the LAYAR technology. And guess who was the winner?  Yes it was me. Now I have to get my act together to take advantage of this opportunity.

I joined the Richmond Chamber of Commerce this year and this is the first event I have attended as a member. I hope to be doing more networking within the Richmond business community. 

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BC Health Services Event 2013

June 6-7 we provided A/V services to the BC Health Services annual gathering. A great event. This year it was held at the Delta Airport Hotel in Richmond.  It was held iin the Sea Island Ballroom. We provided all of the A/V equipment for the event, over the two days.  Looking forward to 2014.



Member of Richmond Chamber of Commerce

January 1, 2013 - We are proud to be a member of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. Over the years I have worked with the BC Chamber of Commerce, The Richmond Chamber of Commerce, the Burnaby Board of Trade, the Surrey Board of Trade and the Vancouver Board of Trade. But finally we chose to become a member of the Richmond Chamber. Thanks to the staff and ambassadors at the Richmond Chamber for encouraging me to join. We look forward to meeting more members and build a new network through the Chamber movement.

RCC New Logo 2009

BC Chamber of Commerce AGM 2013

May 24-26 we provided A/V services to the BC Chamber of Commerce AGM -- this was the 9th year of service to this client. A great event. This year it was held in Nanaimo at the Nanaimo Conference Centre. A wonderful builidng, and the staff there are so friendly and helpful.  Carter worked with me again this year, the third year I've had his help. We operated two large rooms -- the plenary room with two large screens, stage and a variety of microphones and the dining room with the same collection of equipment. Once again we had the iMag (face-on-the-screen) service in both rooms.  Looking forward to 2014 in Richmond.



Release of new web site Jan. 2013

After almost 3 years with no changes, we have updated our web site so we can post news and events and announcements easier.

Federation of Post Secondary Educators AGM 2013

May 14-16 we provided A/V services to the Federation of Post Secondary Educators AGM -- this was the 5th year of service to this client. A great event. This year it was held in Nanaimo at the Coast Bation Inn. A wonderful builidng, and the staff there are so friendly and helpful.  It was held in one room, the newly renovated ballroom. We used the build-in screens and projectors and provided our own sound system. Looking forward to 2014 in Whistler (again).



All Staff Retreat 2012 - Cagayan de Oro City

June 25, 2012 - The fourth year we have gathered together in the Philippines for an All-Staff Retreat.  This year we brought everyone together to Cagayan de Oro City. We compressed the training time into inly 9 days. It was a small group who attended. The last day of the retreat we also celebrated Paul's birthday, with some visitors. 

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911 Awards 2013 - Richmond Chamber of Commerce

May 7, 2013 - the Richmond Chamber of Commerce 11th Annual 911 Awards was held at the River Rock Casino and Resort. We provided the Video Production services to the event. This is the second time we have done an event under contract with the Richmond Chamber, although we have worked with them for many years before. 



New Internet Cafe in Camp Downs

November saw the opening of a new Internet Cafe in Camp Downes area in Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines. Chris Alamil opened the doors of his new business this month (November 2011) -- an Internet Cafe. Located in the front part of his cousin's house in Camp Downes he started off with two old computers and by the end of November he already has added a third computer. Chris is a graduate of the Hotel & Restaurant Management degree program in March 2011. But Chris is someone who loves to be online, and he knows that many people in his neighbourhood want to be online too. So he opened up the front of his cousin's house and invited his friends and neighbours to come on in and access the Internet. Paul Donovan, President of Living Productions Inc., was instrumental in helping Chris with his initial investment to get this small business started up. Living Productions Inc. supports small business in many places. Through web sites, graphic design and audio and visual services we help businesses and organizations to establish themselves in their businesses.

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